3 Signs That Indicate It's Time for a Timing Belt Replacement

Every car engine has and needs a timing belt. A timing belt is a belt with teeth connecting the crankshaft to the camshafts. The belt is responsible for regulating the timing of the engine's combustion process. Without the timing belt, the engine will not run. The timing belt undergoes significant wear and tear. The following is how to tell if your car needs a new timing belt:

  • Engine Misfires

A damaged or old timing belt will negatively affect the engine's timing. The result is the engine will misfire or run roughly.

A loose timing belt will cause the cylinders to close and open earlier than usual. With such poor timing, the engine will run erratically or not run at all.

If the engine has a loose timing chain, it will produce a lot of noise. Therefore, once you feel and hear your engine misfiring, check the timing belt immediately.

  • Squealing, Ticking, or Clicking Noises

A worn-out timing belt can cause ticking and clicking noises in the engine. They are sounds that indicate low oil pressure which adversely affects the timing belt.

The oil pressurizes the tensioner, which keeps the timing belt taut. Without the pressure, the belt will come loose or break.

The engine may squeal when you accelerate or decelerate the car. If the squealing sounds are due to the timing belt, it means it is close to breaking.

  • Starting Difficulty

A worn-out timing belt will affect your car's starting speed because it will affect the timing of other engine parts.
If the timing belt breaks completely, the car will not start.

The above are several signs that you need a new timing belt. If you need a timing belt replacement, bring your vehicle to Silverstar Automotive Solutions immediately.

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