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Starter and Alternator Repair in Ottawa, ON

At Silverstar Automotive Solutions in Ottawa, ON, we can check your alternator and starter so that you don’t have to worry about car starts. Since 2015, our full service auto repair shop has worked on nearly all makes and models of vehicles, old and new. Our family owned and operated business is known for being the most honest, dependable, and fairly priced auto services in the area. Whether you need an alternator repair or starter replacement, we welcome you to our auto repair shop.

We understand the headaches and stress of not being able to start your car. In more cases than not, it isn’t always the battery that is the culprit behind your starting problem. The alternator and starter play a pivotal role in the starting process. Therefore, a faulty alternator will not be able to recharge the battery and a bad starter won’t be able to deliver power to the engine.

Signs of a Failing Starter and Alternator

  • Engine Not Turning Over
  • Unusual Noises Coming From Under the Hood
  • Burnt Smells
  • Dead Battery (Alternator)
  • Dim or Flickering Car Lights (Alternator)

At our Ottawa auto repair shop, we use the latest tools and quality parts to replace alternators and starters. We employ talented master technicians with over 65 years of combined experience who can pinpoint problems efficiently and accurately. Our team will help you find solutions that last, and we aim to have your vehicle back on the road in no time.

We want you to have confidence in Silverstar Automotive Solutions, and we are proud to extend you a LIFETIME warranty on all qualified repairs. Our professional team promises to take care of you and your vehicle. While we work hard to give you the best turnaround, feel free to wait in our cozy waiting area or take our free local shuttle service.

If your car, truck, or SUV is in need of alternator or starter repairs, we welcome you to give Silverstar Automotive Solutions in Ottawa, ON a call or visit today.

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